“Oya!” – Oya! In the Star Wars Universe fiction, this is the Mandalorian Cheer. Oya means “Let’s Hunt” but it’s used for more than that. After the first two Community challenges, you’re ready to get to work!


Community Challenge 3: Troop with Your Vod’e

  • Novice Level: See the details of Community Challenge 2.  This challenge is very similar, except this time, the types of events should be Troops (events where you show up in your armor and fully participate alongside your fellow Star Wars Costumers).  Make sure you have your Parent/Guardian’s permission of course!  Find out from your local leadership (that you contacted in Community Challenge 1) about upcoming events where you can participate.  Take a picture of you in armor with helmet on at the event and send it to mythosaur@verdikacorp.com and remember to include your Verd’ika Mandalorian Name for credit.

  • Journeyman Level: Same as the Novice Level challenge except do 2 Troops.

  • Expert Level:  Same as the Novice Level challenge except do 3 Troops!