“Aliit ori’shya taldin” – in Star Wars Universe fiction (especially the novels written by Karen Traviss) the phrase “Aliit ori’shya taldin” is used in the Mandalorian language to mean “Family is More Than Blood.” Mandos from diverse backgrounds all share a close bond. Not only do Star Wars Costumers meet at Comic-Book or Sci-Fi Conventions, but also Charity Events, store/shop events, Armor Parties, or simple dinners/get-togethers. Also in the fictional Mandalorian language we use the word “Vod” to mean a friend/battle-brother that’s close like a brother/sister, and “Vod’e” is the plural. This challenge is about meeting your vod’e.


Community Challenge 2: Meet Some Local Mandalorians or Star Wars Costumers

  • Novice Level: Contact your local Mandalorian Clan, or if there’s another LFL (Lucasfilm Limited) recognized costuming group that’s closer (501st Legion, Rebel Legion, The Dark Empire, R2 Astromech Builders Club, Outer Rim Brigade, etc.). With a Parent/Guardian’s permission, find out if there’s an upcoming event where you can join them just to meet more local members and hang out. Ideally this would be a non-costumed event (dinner, armor party, etc.) but if it’s easier to meet at a convention or local troop, that will work as well. For this challenge you do NOT need to be in your armor (that’s later). Take a picture of you with some of the new vod’e you’ve had a chance to meet and send it to mythosaur@verdikacorp.com and remember to include your Verd’ika Mandalorian Name for credit.


  • Journeyman Level: Same as a the Novice level challenge, except send pictures from 2 events.


  • Expert Level:  Same as a the Novice level challenge, except send pictures from 3 events!