Multiple Accounts

Parent or Guardian Wishing to Create Member Profiles for Multiple Children 

Some parents/guardians (especially those in the USA with COPPA laws for children under 13) may wish to create Member Profiles for multiple children, but want those profiles to link back to email addresses that the parent(s)/guardian(s) control.

Here are some options.

Gmail supports + sign filtering, which allows you to add text after your normal email address and a plus sign (+). We strongly recommend ignoring any special characters when you do this, like (‘) marks or hypens (-) in the Mando’a name.

For example, if you had an email and you had one Verd’ika named Ka’ra and another named Kaden-kal, you could do something like this.

  • First child:
    • Set the account username to kara and the full/visible name to Ka’ra
    • Then use for the registered email.
  • Second child:
    • Set the account username to kadenkal and the full/visible name to Kaden-kal
    • Then use for the registered email.

You as the parent would receive all emails at your normal account, but the member profile would be linked to the full address with the +name included. You’ll have to remember the account usernames and passwords though. We recommend not using the child’s name for the account username or full/visible name.

Multiple Parent Email Addresses 
If your situation allows you to link one child to each parent’s email address, of course this is a fairly easy solution. Parents could also create multiple free email accounts with their normal provider and link their child’s accounts accordingly. This of course does require you to maintain several accounts and passwords for each of your children. You may wish to consider creating a gmail account to take advantage of + filtering for Verd’ika Corps correspondence.