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    Kala Kryze - "Fridays are great for spray painting and weathering! It was a bit chilly, but the low humidity made it worth it. I worked on my gauntlets, shins, shoulders, knees, and epaulettes. A bit of everything, from filler […]" View
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    Karl Dha'Werda - "Some weathering work from a few weeks ago for a costume in The Dark Empire for a Fallen Jedi from SWTOR. Same application methods for weathering can be applied to your Mando kits. You can read more about it on […]" View
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    Ryvas'ika - "Good evening! I have a helmet mostly done now, gonna hot glue the visor so it isnt held in purely by tape. At some point I need more weathering, but more immediately I gonna start sewing my vest to get my plates […]" View
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