Join the Verd’ika Corps

We know you’re eager to join the Verd’ika Corps! Please allow at least a one week turnaround as all of our staff are real people with real jobs, commitments, and lives outside of the Verd’ika Corps.


Required Application Information

  1. Mandalorian Name
  2. Age
  3. Country of Residence
  4. Photograph of the cadet wearing their Mandalorian Costume


Important Safety Reminders

  • No real names, please! This is for your safety!
  • Country of residence is only the full country name, such as “United States of America”, “United Kingdom”, or “Australia”. You do NOT need to provide state/province or city information. Again, this is for your safety!
  • Please, no photos of your cadet’s face. Always have them wear their mask or helmet to help protect them.




The Verd’ika Corps trains its cadets in special age-appropriate groups known as Battalions. Each battalion is coordinated and issued monthly challenges by an individual training sergeant. The three battalions are Shriekhawk, Strill, and Mythosaur. As the cadets learn and grow, they’ll graduate into new battalions to take on harder challenges and earn greater rewards.+

  • Shriekhawk – ages 4-8
    Our youngest warriors are assigned to the Shriekhawk battalion. The up-and-coming cadets are encouraged to begin enjoying the Star Wars universe through the challenges, craft projects, and books.
  • Strill – ages 9-12
    The next level up in the Verd’ika Corps program is the Strill battalion. This battalion increases the challenge for the cadets and focuses more on community service and harder crafting projects.
  • Mythosaur – ages 13-17
    The oldest group of cadets are known as Mythosaur Battalion.. Cadets are encouraged to up their game and begin their armor-crafting journey using more advanced techniques and learning from the very best by joining the Mandalorian Mercs online community with their parent’s permission.

Choose which battalion you will be joining