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  1. New Site Design

    OYA! Welcome to the Verd’ika Corps website! Over the next few days, weeks, and months, we’ll be rolling out updated battalion sigils, new mission challenges, and activities and features, plus introducing your new Training Sergeants for each Battalion. You’ll notice more pictures popping up around the forums too.  We’re having a lot of fun behind […]

  2. Training Sergeants, reporting for duty!

    Welcome to the Verd’ika Corps website and program! We would like to introduce the Verd’ika Corps staff: Shriekhawk  Battalion (age 4-8) Training Sergeant = Vastoom, Wampa Clan Strill Battalion (age 9-12) Training Sergeant = Kuu, Murraan Clan Mythosaur Battalion (age 13-17) Training Sergeant = Karl Dha’Werda, Oyu’baat Clan These three Official Members of the Mando Mercs […]

  3. Verd’ika and Trainees

    Oya Vod’e! We’ve passed the midyear point! How are all of you doing with your Challenges? Remember, you can always do a challenge AFTER it’s been listed if you need to catch up. If you’re waiting on a Badge, either message your Training Sergeants or have a parent contact the Verd’ika Corps Facebook page and […]

  4. Challenges, Levels, Badges, and More!

    This update will cover the different challenge categories, difficulty levels, badges, and future awards.  Challenges can be found HERE.  All challenges are listed out January to December, past challenges can be completed any time within the calendar year.  Future challenges will not be counted until the end of the month in which it was assigned.  […]