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Karl Dha'Werda was born and raised mostly Correllian. My sidearm is a modified BlasTech DL-44, still has a tender meaning for my home planet and has never let me down in a fight. I haven't really been in contact with the folks, sort of went my separate way around the age of 17 and never looked back. Around age 23, I met my now wife Kritika. Which reminds me I need to ask her where she originated from. We now live in my ship (still working on make and model), hopping between jobs and planets. It really depends on how many credits we have and where Kritika wants to site see next. When we work, it is as a team and the job gets done quicker with two.
  1. New Site Design

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    Welcome to the Verd’ika Corps website!

    Over the next few days, weeks, and months, we’ll be rolling out updated battalion sigils, new mission challenges, and activities and features, plus introducing your new Training Sergeants for each Battalion. You’ll notice more pictures popping up around the forums too.  We’re having a lot of fun behind the scenes getting ready and we hope you will join the hunt with us.

    If you haven’t joined the Verd’ika Corps now is your chance by submitting your costume using our “Submit your Costume” join button. If you’re younger than 13, please work with your parent to get submitted.

  2. Training Sergeants, reporting for duty!

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    Welcome to the Verd’ika Corps website and program!

    We would like to introduce the Verd’ika Corps staff:

    Shriekhawk  Battalion (age 4-8)

    • Training Sergeant = Vastoom, Wampa Clan

    Strill Battalion (age 9-12)

    • Training Sergeant = Kuu, Murraan Clan

    Mythosaur Battalion (age 13-17)

    These three Official Members of the Mando Mercs Costume Club will take care of the daily answering emails, helping with the Facebook page, and helping Verd’ika with questions and creating the challenges (and tracking points).

    The Education Officer, Bowfanny is in charge of content creation and coordinates with other cabinet officers to maintain the website and contents.

    However, also helping out will be Mandalore the Uniter and members of the Command Council.

    Check back from time to time to see updates. We will be describing and detailing the new changes (like challenge missions), new battalion logos and more in the coming months!

    What to do for now? 

    Please check out the website, Register as a Member and check out the first Challenges for your Battalion!  If you are under 13 years of age, be sure to get permission from a parent or guardian before registering as a member.

    Optionally, if your parent/guardian is not comfortable with you signing up on the website (for example, if you’re under the age of 13) feel free to work with your parent/guardian to either:

    a) Create a profile for you, using your parent/guardian’s email address
    (Parents! If you want to link multiple Verd’ika Profiles to your single parent account or similar, please read this page for suggestions).

    b) Just send an email to your training sergeant letting them know you’re still active as a Verd’ika Corps member and ready to start doing challenges! While this option is perfectly fine, without a member profile Verd’ika won’t be able to show off the Badges they’ve earned on the website (but of course, they’ll always know they earned them and when/if Physical Patches are rolled out, they’ll be able to get those).

    Parents, if your verd’ika has graduated to a new battalion (because they are older now) please contact their new training sergeant and let them know.

    Training Sergeant Email Addresses

  3. Verd’ika and Trainees

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    Oya Vod’e!

    We’ve passed the midyear point! How are all of you doing with your Challenges? Remember, you can always do a challenge AFTER it’s been listed if you need to catch up. If you’re waiting on a Badge, either message your Training Sergeants or have a parent contact the Verd’ika Corps Facebook page and we’ll fix it!

    On with our main update!

    We’ve had many parents and even a few Alor’ad’e contact the Verd’ika Corps asking some questions about membership, joining, and how the new Verd’ika Corps works with Official Member parents and things like that. We thought we’d try and clear up a few things.

    So what is it about the Terms “Verd’ika” and “Trainee” that we need to know? 

    A “Verd’ika” is a child that Joins the Verd’ika Corps. This is done by having a parent or Legal Guardian contact any one of our Staff Members. We recommend two routes to do this:
    1) The website:  = (this is the link you reach by clicking “Submit your Costume” from the main page) just fill out the webform
    2) Facebook: = Submit the needed information via a Facebook message

    ~ ~ What’s the needed information? 
    ~ ~ ~ Character Name (do not use your real name first and/or last)
    ~ ~ ~ Age
    ~ ~ ~ Country of Residence
    ~ ~ ~ Photograph of the child in armor (helmet on)

    A “Trainee” is a Verd’ika that has
    1) at least one Parent or Legal Guardian that’s already an Official Member in good standing
    2) submitted and passed through the same Approval Process via the App Team that any other Adult Member that joins the MMCC
    3) received an Official Membership Number upon completion of the Approval Process

    Wait, just submit some stuff? So What about A Profile on the Verdika Website? 

    Registering a Profile on the Website is not the same as joining. This is because sometimes we have parent accounts, curious fellow fans of Mandos, or potential Verd’ika thinking about creating armor, Sith spies, Rebel scum, spammers… and they all create accounts. But they haven’t joined up as Verd’ika yet!

    What if I already created a website profile and have been getting Badges? 

    If you start doing challenges and we assign you Badges, it’s fine. We would still prefer if you use the web-form to “Officially” submit the child’s info, but so long as they’re getting credit for Challenges they complete, that’s the important thing.

    That said… PLEASE if at all possible, create a profile on the Verdika Corps website for yourself (if Age 13+ with Parent/Legal Guardian permission) or if you’re a Parent/Legal Guardian please create Profiles for your Verd’ika Corps eligible children.

    It makes things a lot easier for us to help with the Administrative side of things to attach Badges to a website profile!

    So, what are the differences between “Verd’ika” and “Trainee” – is it just the armor? 

    1) Can complete Challenges and get credit
    2) Can create Profiles on the Verd’ika Corps website and earn Badges
    3) Qualify for any awards and merchandise that becomes available for Verd’ika Corps
    4) Must attend events with a Parent or Legal Guardian present
    5) Must be under the age of 18. We have no minimum age, but we strongly encourage at least age 4

    1) Any armor, any quality, any source is sufficient for membership so long as it fulfills 2 requirements
    ~ ~ a) Has a head covering/helmet that will protect the child’s privacy
    ~ ~ b) Is clearly inspired or based on Mandalorian Armor from the Star Wars Universe

    2) May NOT Troop “private/invitation only” events extended only to members of Recognized Costuming Groups (MMCC, 501st, Rebel Legion, Droid Builders, etc.)… note, these types of Event are rare.
    3) May Troop any and all other types of Events so long as the Event Organizer is aware & has given permission to attend via email/sale of an admission ticket/etc. (conventions, birthday parties, library events, movie premier, etc.) .
    ~ ~ a) If you are in an area with a Clan or Stronghold, please work with them and their officers/contacts
    4) If in an area with an existing MMCC Clan or Stronghold, Verd’ika members do not count towards Clan Membership totals, do not count towards Trooping totals, and are not included in the Invasion Reports

    1) One Parent or Legal Guardian must be an Official Member in good standing of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club
    2) Has a costume that has fulfilled all requirements set forth in the MMCC CRLs
    3) Has gone through the Approval Process and been Approved by the App Team (same process as any Adult MMCC costume)
    4) Has received an Official Membership Number
    5) May Troop any and all events under the same terms, rules, permissions, restrictions and/or circumstances as any other member of the MMCC and are included on the Invasion Reports
    6) Counts towards Clan Invasion numbers, Clan trooping requirements, Clan Member totals, etc.
    7) Must Troop at least 1 event per calendar year to stay a Trainee

    What about “Official Verd’ika” – I kinda remember we used to have those? 

    That’s an old term for what we now call “Trainee.” These days we have “Verd’ika” and “Trainee” – that’s it.

  4. Challenges, Levels, Badges, and More!

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    This update will cover the different challenge categories, difficulty levels, badges, and future awards.  Challenges can be found HERE.  All challenges are listed out January to December, past challenges can be completed any time within the calendar year.  Future challenges will not be counted until the end of the month in which it was assigned.   Additional changes will be coming in the year 2025.


    There are three different categories for the various challenges: Community, Crafting, and Charity.  There are a total of 4 challenges per category to complete each year.


    Challenges come in three levels of difficulty: Novice (Bronze), Journeyman (Silver), and Expert (Gold).  Each battalion has unique challenges specific to the various age groups in difficulty.


    If you have not made a Verd’ika Corps forum account profile you can register HERE.  Badges will be awarded for each challenge completed and level completed to your forum profile.  It will also be announced at the end of the month on the Verd’ika Corps Facebook page.  One of the new features of the Verd’ika Corps Website (VC) is the ability to associate a picture – what we’re calling a Badge – to a member profile.  Badges help show membership in a website group (like a particular battalion) or an earned achievement!

    If you joined the Verd’ika Corps Program young enough, you can earn Levels of Achievement in your next Battalion as well as you get older! (Of course, once you turn 18 you can become a full Official Member of the Mandalorian Mercs, and there are different awards then too).


    Stay tuned for future awards in completing 3 of the 4 challenges in each categories or all 12 challenges.


    Training Sergeant Email Addresses

    NOTE: When emailing your battalion sergeant with your completed challenge please include your Verd’ika profile name to award forum badge to your profile.

    • Age 4-8 =
    • Age 9-12 =
    • Age 13-17 =