The Verd’ika Corps trains its cadets in special age-appropriate groups known as Battalions. Each battalion is coordinated and issued monthly challenges by an individual training sergeant. The three battalions are Shriekhawk, Strill, and Mythosaur. As the cadets learn and grow, they’ll graduate into new battalions to take on harder challenges and earn greater rewards.

Shriekhawk – ages 4-8

Our youngest warriors are assigned to the Shriekhawk battalion. The up-and-coming cadets are encouraged to begin enjoying the Star Wars universe through the challenges, craft projects, and books.

Strill – ages 9-12

The next level up in the Verd’ika Corps program is the Strill battalion. This battalion increases the challenge for the cadets and focuses more on community service and harder crafting projects.

Mythosaur – ages 13-17

The oldest group of cadets are known as Mythosaur Battalion.. Cadets are encouraged to up their game and begin their armor-crafting journey using more advanced techniques and learning from the very best by joining the Mandalorian Mercs online community with their parent’s permission.



Each battalion is run by its very own training sergeant. These sergeants put together monthly challenges for the cadets. These challenges include things such as reading assignments involving fun Star Wars books, crafting a paper Mandalorian mask or helmet, and possibly even some form of community service. Each battalion’s challenges are tailored for the age group it covers. The older battalions receive harder challenges.

Cadets are encouraged to complete as many challenges as they can. Each challenge completed, submitted, and approved by the training sergeants results in a permanent mark of excellence on the cadet’s Verd’ika Corps history. Special patches are made available every year for those cadets who show their excellence in the field.

The Verd’ika Corps is a specially designed group that emphasizes community involvement, crafting, and charity. Educating our young warriors about these three areas is the primary goal of the Verd’ika Corps. Each area has a special place here because they are very important facets of the larger Star Wars and costuming communities.


Special get-togethers can be a very fun and rewarding experience for our cadets. Large public conventions make a great meeting place to meet-up and show off their costumes! These events are announced as far in advance as possible, and only when our training sergeants and staff are able to make an appearance.



The safety of your cadet is very important to you, as it is to us. For this reason, we never ask for any photo of your child’s face, their real name, address, or any other identifiable information. All information entered into our member database is as non-identifiable as possible to keep both you and your young cadet safe.

Mandalorian Names

The Verd’ika Corps cadets are asked to create a ‘Mandalorian Name’ in order to protect their identity, as well as encourage their imaginations to run wild in the Star Wars universe we all know and love. A great resource for helping your cadet come up with their Mandalorian names are The Star Wars Name Generator and the Mando’a Dictionary (Mandalorian Language Dictionary) to name a few.


In order to protect your cadet further, the Verd’ika Corps never asks for anything more than your country of residence. This helps us identify the best language, customs, and proper event planning ideas – all while keeping your exact location a secret – even from us. Because we have cadets from countries around the world, we like to get a broad idea of where your cadet is so we can help design challenges that may be more interesting or challenging.

Helmet Photos

All cadets are asked to send only helmeted photos to protect their identities even further! The best part – they get to look like fearsome Mandalorian Warriors while they do it! Photos of the cadets in costume may be used for club promotions and on the Verd’ika Corps website, but will never be sold or given away to any third party. Photos can be updated at any time by sending a new photo with your cadets name to your Training Sergeant. They will update the photo on your cadet’s challenge profile.

Member Database

Our member database is a public area where all cadets can look through their profiles and see what challenges they’ve completed. Look up your own cadet’s progress, or the progress of your friends who are also enrolled in a battalion. As they complete challenges, medals will be awarded accordingly. Completing a challenge area, such as ‘crafting’ multiple times in a year will increase the cadet’s level in that area. The levels are setup as “Novice”, “Journeyman”, and “Expert”. Cadets will have an opportunity to receive physical patches of their rewards each year upon completing the required number of challenges for each area. ( More information on this system is coming soon as we roll out the program).