This update will cover the different challenge categories, difficulty levels, badges, and future awards.  Challenges can be found HERE.  All challenges are listed out January to December, past challenges can be completed any time within the calendar year.  Future challenges will not be counted until the end of the month in which it was assigned.   Additional changes will be coming in the year 2025.


There are three different categories for the various challenges: Community, Crafting, and Charity.  There are a total of 4 challenges per category to complete each year.


Challenges come in three levels of difficulty: Novice (Bronze), Journeyman (Silver), and Expert (Gold).  Each battalion has unique challenges specific to the various age groups in difficulty.


If you have not made a Verd’ika Corps forum account profile you can register HERE.  Badges will be awarded for each challenge completed and level completed to your forum profile.  It will also be announced at the end of the month on the Verd’ika Corps Facebook page.  One of the new features of the Verd’ika Corps Website (VC) is the ability to associate a picture – what we’re calling a Badge – to a member profile.  Badges help show membership in a website group (like a particular battalion) or an earned achievement!

If you joined the Verd’ika Corps Program young enough, you can earn Levels of Achievement in your next Battalion as well as you get older! (Of course, once you turn 18 you can become a full Official Member of the Mandalorian Mercs, and there are different awards then too).


Stay tuned for future awards in completing 3 of the 4 challenges in each categories or all 12 challenges.


Training Sergeant Email Addresses

NOTE: When emailing your battalion sergeant with your completed challenge please include your Verd’ika profile name to award forum badge to your profile.

  • Age 4-8 =
  • Age 9-12 =
  • Age 13-17 =