One of the new features of the Verd’ika Corps Website (VC) is the ability to associate a picture – what we’re calling a Badge – to a member profile.

Badges help show membership in a website group (like a particular battalion) or an earned achievement!

Member Profiles and Achievements

Feel free to click on Training Sergeant Kuu (Strill Battalion) below to see his Member Profile.


If you then click on the option for Achievements you’ll see some badges that he’s earned.

Membership Badges

As a member of Verd’ika Corps Staff, he has two special badges: Strill Battalion Staff and Verd’ika Corps Staff

One, is the “Strill Battalion Staff” = If you click it, you’ll see the Member Profiles for all the Accounts that help the Strill Battalion as tiny graphics down at the bottom.

The other special Badge is “Verd’ika Corps Staff” = If you click it, you’ll see every website profile that’s helps administer some part of the Program – not just a single battalion.

So if you’re wondering who’s helping who, or who’s a member of what group – these badges can help with that!

Award Badges

Another great feature of the Verd’ika Corps program is the ability to participate in Challenges and earn Award Badges and Points. We’ll be describing points in a future update (basically a Novice Challenge earns less than an Expert Challenge, and depending on how many points you earn you can get other awards), but we’d like to start with the Award Badges.

The December 2017 Charity Challenges are already up! Expect new challenges on the 1st day of the month. If you have completed the Challenge, you can earn the badge.

December 2017 Charity Challenge Badge 

Like other Badges, you can click on it and see who else has already earned it! If you haven’t started on your December Challenge, you’ve got plenty of time! (Plus you can always do a Challenge later, you don’t have to finish a Challenge the same month it comes out – in fact, some challenges may take several weeks to complete!). However you will earn the Challenge Badge for the month the Challenge came out.

Badges are Cool! How do I get one? 

This is easy. We’ve created a Battalion Badge for each of the three Verd’ika Battalions, and it can be the very first Membership Badge you can get.

Once you’ve created your Member Profile (or if you’re younger than 13, worked with your parents/guardian to do so), you should email your Training Sergeant and let them know which is your Member Profile (what your Verd’ika Corps name is if your website profile name is different from the one you used when you joined the Verd’ika Corps program) and the Battalion to which you are currently a member!

Training Sergeant Email Addresses

  • Age 13-17 =
  • Age 9-12 =
  • Age 4-8 =